Optimizing Margins

Are you looking for software to 

  • Increase cost awareness
  • Create a streamlined workload
  • Create accurate and consistent cost estimates

If that sounds familiar, the ShouldCoster is a helpful tool! (In één zin wat de shouldcoster is en link naar optimizing margins)

What can you expect from the ShouldCoster?


  • Extensive (secondary) process database
  • Adjustable material and process parameters
  • Manually add machines, materials, countries


  • Pre-fill variables
  • Standard settings
  • Modern & intuitive interface 

Easily integrated

    • Easy installation & maintenance
    • Integration with your current server, MS Sharepoint or Google Drive
    • Excel import & export

    I am a Cost Engineer

    Our Calculation module is specifically designed for Cost Engineers! 

    Why Should Costing?

    Over 80% of product costs are fixed by design, yet we often wait until the design is finished with cost calculations. A missed chance, if you ask us! By should costing early in the process, you can make well-informed decisions and increase your margins. With the ShouldCoster software, you create accurate and consistent should costs at any stage of the process. 


    The ShouldCoster is a software tool for intuitive product costing enabling users to calculate should-costs accurate & consistently. It is one costing solution for both:

    • Detailed Calculations
    • Rough Estimates

    The ShouldCoster tools bring cost awareness throughout your organization!

    Screenshot of the shouldcoster main interface

    " Over 80% of product cost are fixed by design, why wait with costing until the design is finished? "

    The ShouldCoster Modules

    We offer two software solutions, which can be used seperate or combined!

    Do you want to learn more about the modules or our software? Request a Demo, or download our Brochure!

    Not sure which Module suits you?

    To give you a better understanding of which module(s) suits you best, the text below might be of help. Ofcourse you are also more than welcome to request a demo or contact us to discuss how we can support you! 

     Cost Estimation

    Do you recognize:

    • After a long period of engineering, quotes from your suppliers often come as a negative surprise to you


    Do you want to:

    • Have a better feeling for manufacturing costs during and after the design process
    • Be able to decide what's best design based on data-driven cost estimations

    Cost Calculation

    Do you recognize:

    • While you are a knowledgeable cost engineer you often find yourself wasting time maintaining complex excel sheets or filling basic data into your costing model over and over again

    Do you want to:

    • Have a clean & intuitive solution filling the basics and estimating standard processes for you
    • Be able to focus on detailed & complex parts of your work?

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