Cost Estimation

Cost estimation can help you get first insights in the costs of a (new) product or concept.

Does this sound familiar?

Your team...

  • faces manufacturability problems & is often redesigning 
  • has limited experience with product cost and manufacturability
  • struggles with (inconsistent) cost estimates while designing
  • has a hard time meeting cost targets & applying Design to Cost

Recognizable? Our Estimation Module is the right fit for you! Boost cost awareness, lower workload on (cost) engineering and create accurate & consistent cost estimations. With the intuitive ShouldCoster templates, anyone can estimate product cost consistently, even without cost engineers in your team! 

Why cost estimation?

Getting first insights

Early cost estimates of concepts and designs helps:

  • Cost Monitoring & Design to Cost
  • Budgeting & Strategy Development
  • Scenario Selection 
  • Validation of Businesscases & Supplier Quotes

But consistency makes or breaks the results. Our cost estimation software helps engineers create consistent designer estimates and adress cost drivers early in the development process.

Easy & Accessible

Everyone can do it

With the step-by-step guidance in our quick-fill module, anyone can create a cost-estimate. With or without costing experience! 

Quick & Intuitive

Scenario Selection

Easily compare different manufacturing processes & design scenarios with our software. Find the best solution for your product and identify & tackle main cost drivers on the go.

The ShouldCoster steps for cost estimation

1. Guided data input

Insert all part-data you have by answering the questions in the quick-fill step by step.

2. Auto complete

Let the auto complete estimate all missing details for you. 

3. Rough Estimates

Based on the inputs, the ShouldCoster creates a rough cost estimate for you.

4. Adjust & Compare

Compare different manufacturing techniques & play around with different scenarios to find the best fit for your part or product. Identify cost drivers, improve designs and reduce costs. Boost your manufacturing performance!

Demo Request

We provide demos where we will guide you through the software and answer your questions. Fill out the form below to request a demo and we'll get back to you as soon as possible! 

ShouldCoster, A product of Manuformance

The ShouldCoster is a product of Manuformance. We believe that software and services creates a powerfull combination which strenthens the quality. Throughout our projects, we actively educate & coach our clients, ensuring you can confidently apply our software and methodologies independently.


Value Engineering helps you to improve your design and manufacturability, reduce costs & capture value. It is about creating value for your customer in a cost effective way! Are you curious about what our value engineering services can offer for your company? Feel free to reach out to us to discuss your challenges!  

Also need calculations? 

Cost estimations are a good way to gain first insights into potential costs. But after these first insights you might want to get a more detailed and accurate calculation of costs. For this purpose, our software also supports cost calculations, using the activity-based costing module. The Cost Estimations and Cost Calculations modules can be used seperatly, or combined.