Cost Estimation

Cost estimation can help you get first insights in the costs of a (new) product or concept.

Cost Estimation VS Cost Calculation
Generally, we define cost estimations as rough parametric estimates from a product or concept. Whereas cost calculations are detailed activity-based calculations of each 
manufacturing step individually. 

Why cost estimation?

Getting first insights

Cost estimation can give you first insights

into costs of your product or concepts.

These insights can be very valuable for:

  • Budgeting & Strategy development
  • Business case validation
  • Quote validation
  • Initial cost monitoring

Easy & Accessible

Everyone can do it

With the step-by-step guidance in our quick-fill module, anyone can create a cost-estimate.

So also those who lack capacity of cost engineers or costing experience, or do not have all data for a detailed calculation available (yet).

How we can help


Our software contains a quick-fill module that translates product attributes into manufacturing cost & can fill in missing details. After estimating you can always check all details & assumptions, and adjust them accordingly.

The ShouldCoster steps for cost estimation

Guided data input

Insert all part-data you have by answering the questions in the quick-fill step by step.

Auto complete

After answering the questions about the measurements, materials & features. The auto complete estimate all missing details for you. 

Rough Estimate

Based on the (auto-completed) inputs, the ShouldCoster creates a rough cost estimate for you. You can always check and adjust the values & parameters where needed.

Adjust and Gain Insights

By playing around with different numbers & features, you can compare different options and prizes for your products and gain insights on how to improve designs and reduce costs. Boosting manufacturing performance!

Also need cost calculations?

Cost estimations are a good way to gain first insights into potential costs. But after these first insights you might want to get a more detailed and accurate calculation of costs. For this purpose, our software also supports cost calculations, using the activity-based costing module.

Get more info

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