Cost Calculation

Cost calculation can help you get detailed information about the manufacturing costs of a product or concept

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Cost Estimation VS Cost Calculation

  • Cost estimations are rough parametric estimates from a product or concept.
  • Cost calculations are detailed activity-based calculations of each manufacturing step individually. 


What we offer

Clean and fast calculation

Our activity-based costing module provides an intuitive framework for all your cost calculations. Our cycle time and tooling cost calculators ensure consistency & traceability, and can save a lot of calculation time.

For whom?

Cost engineers & others

Accurate calculation of product cost of course requires experience in costing. Our software provides a structured & consistent calculation approach while leaving all freedom for your own knowledge & expertise. In the end,
you know your product best.

Technical Details

Std. and custom processes

Our software contains templates for many common processes, (see full list on the technical details page).

Any other process can be calculated using the custom process templates.

The ShouldCoster steps for cost calculation

1. Material Data

Calculate the cost of all raw materials & purchased parts using the masterdata or custom input fields.

2. Process overview

Specify all process steps and applicable templates in the process overview.

3. Process detail

Calculate all process costs in detail on the process screens using the autofill templates or custom input fields.

4. Overheads, Logistics & Transportation

Specify all applicable costs of overhead, SG&A, profit, logistics & transportation on the OVH screen, or load them directly from the pre-defined masterdata.

5. Analyze Results

Receive detailed insights & reports on the calculated costs and export & share them easily in any format.

Learn more about Cost Calculations Module?

Are you curious what the cost calculation module can do for your company? Or do you have questions for us about the module? We understand that you would like to see and experience what our modules are all about. That is why we give demos in which we go through the software with you, and answer all your questions. Would you like to know more? Just fill out the form below for a demo request, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible!

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Also need quick cost estimations?

In early stages of development, some details required for calculation can still be missing, and a quick estimations are often sufficient. Proper tools for quick estimation help you save time and even enable other engineers without costing experience to come up with a first estimation. Making cost monitoring much easier and effective at any stage. The Cost Estimations and Cost Calculations modules can be used seperatly, or combined.